Who We are

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Super industrial Park is one of the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of quality corrugated cartons, master cartons, carton inlays, unit boxes, foil pouches. Bag in boxes and other industrial packaging. It has establishes itself as a premium packaging solution provider for both domestic and export consignments. Super industrial park ltd. Provides indispensable backward and forward linkage for all companies...

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Head Office

Address: House:11(4th Floor), Road:17, Sector:14, Uttara, Dhaka-1230

Email: mohsin@siplbd.com, info@siplbd.com

phone: +88-01711971658,+88-0248955211

Factory Address

Address: Raiardia, Ullukhola, Dhaka-1227

Email: mohsin@siplbd.com, info@siplbd.com

phone: +88-01711971658,+88-0248955211

China Office

Address: King Lion Innternational Hotel,18th Yingbin Street Cangzhou City Hebei Province China.

Email: mohsin@siplbd.com, info@siplbd.com

phone: +8613931716474